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Laser Fat Removal Aftercare Tips

Aging is a natural process that eventually affects everyone. The human body usually starts to age once the teenage years are over: the skin starts to become tighter, the youthful fullness of the face starts to fade, and body parts become flabby due to excess fat. This aging process is largely controlled by both intrinsic factors, such as genes, and extrinsic factors, such as the environment.

But due to advances in medicine, healthcare, and beauty therapy procedures, the aging process can now be significantly slowed down and, in some cases, reversed. Procedures such as plastic surgery, laser fat removal, skin resurfacing, and stem cell facelifts are usually employed solely or in tandem with skin-care or beauty products to slow down the aging process.

It’s no surprise that these modern advances in beauty and skin procedures have tallied with increasingly widespread adoption and subsequent growth in the anti-aging market. Recent statistical reports have also ratified the growth of the anti-aging market. For example, in 2020, Statista valued the anti-aging market at $58.5 billion. This staggering estimate reflects the widespread acceptance of anti-aging and skin procedures as a worthwhile option for preserving and maintaining a youthful appearance.

A major reason for the anti-aging market boom is the increasing availability and efficacy of non-invasive/-surgical anti-aging procedures. Non-surgical anti-aging procedures represent a noteworthy alternative to surgical procedures. They have become popular because they offer many advantages. Reduced costs, non-existence of adverse effects, reduced recovery time, high post-procedural satisfaction, and instant results are some of the many reasons it’s become a favored anti-aging option.

Laser fat removal is one of the many non-surgical anti-aging procedures popular among anti-aging patients. It is a form of body sculpting that involves using laser technology to remove small portions of fat deposits in the body. The lasers are delivered through an applicator which disrupts the targeted fat cells without disrupting other surrounding cells or structures. It achieves the same effect as surgical liposuction and is a lot less painful, and recovery is less complicated.

While recovery from a laser fat removal procedure is less complicated than that of surgical lipolysis, much care still has to be taken to achieve the best results. If you’ve just undergone laser fat removal, here are some aftercare practices and tips that you should follow to lessen your recovery time and minimize any potential side effects.

Enroll for Resistance Training

Resistance training is a recovery option that laser fat removal patients can adopt after treatment. Although laser fat removal is easier on the skin than surgical removal because fat deposits are broken down before they are removed, resistance training might be necessary for optimal results.

Engaging in resistance training doesn’t mean you should spend all your time in the gym performing strenuous exercises. You don’t have to push yourself all that much. Just an hour of weightlifting and resistance-building exercises will be enough to obtain terrific results. Resistance exercises aid the recovery process by enabling the growth of essential muscles that help hold your skin in place and make it tighter.

When you return to exercising it also matters. Different experts hold different views regarding the return to exercising. Still, it is generally agreed that laser fat removal patients should return to exercising as soon as possible but build up the complexity slowly. Light activity and resistance training can start during the first two weeks after the procedure. Still, vigorous physical activity should be abstained from until six to eight weeks post-procedure.

Consume Lots of Water After Treatment

Even before the procedure, it is advisable to consume lots of water. It is also critical that a laser fat removal patient consumes lots of water after treatment. Being hydrated aids the body in creating smooth skin through proper distribution of natural oils to the skin and soothing irritated parts of the skin. A laser fat removal patient should consume no less than 8-ounce water glasses every day. Patients with sensitive skin should double their normal water intake, too. Hopefully these Laser Fat Removal Aftercare Tips will help you alot.

Eat More Protein and Reduce Salt

Protein aids the body in the creation of lean muscle mass and body repair processes. Ensure that you eat lots of food that is rich in protein during your recovery period. It is also vital that you reduce your salt intake while in recovery since salt fosters water retention and swelling–conditions that laser fat removal patients are at the risk of developing post-procedure.

Get Lymphatic Massage

Many professionals suggest that you receive a lymphatic massage. Lymphatic massage is sometimes referred to as lymphatic drainage. It reduces edema when your lymphatic system is obstructed by medical treatment or sickness. Lymphatic massage involves gently manipulating particular body regions to encourage lymph to flow to a location with active lymph vessels. Massage will aid in the removal of excess fluids and the breaking up of scar tissue, improving circulation, and aiding in the healing process. Massage may be performed both manually and with ultrasound.

Avoid Bathtub Soaking

Soaking in water might slow down the healing process and raise your risk of infection. Until you’ve been cured, don’t take a bath, relax in a hot tub, or submerge your entire body in water. Consider having a light massage instead of immersing yourself in the tub to release any tension that has built up.

Don’t Consume Alcohol

Alcohol should not be ingested after laser fat removal therapy and should be avoided entirely during the duration of treatment. If you consume alcohol after treatment, the fat that has been released will not be removed since your liver is busy processing the alcohol.

Use Compressive Garments and Foam Padding

For at least a month-and-a-half after treatment, wear a compression garment. Decongestive treatment requires the use of compression clothing. A well-fitting garment can maintain the edema reduction obtained by manual lymph drainage and compressive bandaging. An ill-fitting garment might induce a focused rise in edema, which can be dangerous. To decrease edema or fluid collection, use foam cushioning in addition to compression garments. Using foam cushioning is also advisable since it helps to prevent bruising.

Avoid Sunlight

When it comes to sun exposure, stepping outdoors after surgery is unlikely to be as harmful as going outside after laser fat removal treatments are applied to the skin’s surface. Because laser liposuction is performed beneath the skin, the epidermis should be less sensitive. However, sunscreen should be used every day to help reduce the risk of cancer and premature aging.

Adopt Radiofrequency Therapy

This can be useful in laser fat removal aftercare when combined with lymphatic massage. Radiofrequency therapy is carried out by doctors using machines that release waves and can last between 30 and 90 minutes. The heat from the waves encourages your skin to manufacture additional collagen and elastin. The therapy also increases cell turnover, resulting in firmer, thicker skin over time. It also aids in the reduction of edema, the softening of scar tissue, the tightening of the skin, the relief of pain, and the speeding up of the entire recovery process.

Be Consistent With Follow-Up Treatments

Follow-up consultations allow your doctor to assess your progress and track the healing and recovery following laser fat removal. Make sure you attend all of your doctor’s post-removal visits.

It is essential that you follow many of the proper aftercare tips explained above to obtain the best laser fat removal results and prevent any potential side effects. By doing that, you can obtain maximum satisfaction from your new post-laser fat removal body.

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