Our Technology

INNOVATIVE LASERS OF HOUSTON uses the AMAZING Zerona Laser. It is the first non-invasive body contouring procedure that effectively removes excess fat without negative side effects of surgery or fat freezing methods.

Fat is emulsified and eliminated through the lymphatic system.

Zerona is FDA approved and has been tested by Harvard scientists. Their study participants experienced an average reduction of 3 to 11 inches across the waist, hips and thighs in just two weeks.

Innovative Lasers Of Houston is now offering Zerona-AD, a new procedure that can be used in conjunction with Zerona Cold Laser Treatments for a targeted sculpting effect. Based on the same technology as Zerona Body Contouring, Zerona-AD is the only device currently on the market to specifically target and sculpt the upper arms.

How Does it Work?

Zerona uses a patented rotating beam that has been clinically proven to target fat cells, safely causing the release of fatty lipids causing the fat cells to collapse and shrink to a smaller size.

Unlike other technologies, Zerona returns the body’s fat cells to a smaller size but does not kill or remove fat cells. The fatty lipids then enter the lymphatic system where they are broken into free fatty acids and used as energy in the cardiovascular system. It is a truly non-invasive procedure with no pain, side effects or recovery time.

Zerona Z6

Zerona AD